1stephie asked:

Hi! I dont know if this is the right spot for this (I am new to tumblr), but I love your blog! Yesterday I was sick and I was just going through as many pages of your as I could. I am currently on page 126. I was born in '90 so I remember a majority of the 90's and I am equally as fascinated with the 80's too haha. Great job! :)

Welcome to Tumblr!!!! 

I hope you feel better. <3

Thank you for the kind words. Sometimes I sit back myself and go through all the pages. :)

Anonymous asked:

I just looked Dyscalculia up on Wikipedia. How do you know that you have this?
Because I swear the entire article just summed up my life with math.
I probably should look things like this up on Wikipedia....

When I was younger I was having a tough time learning to tell time, counting money and doing multiplication/division. Heck, I was even having trouble with basic math. My parents took me to a doctor and made take a bunch of test. 

Anonymous asked:

Tag! You're it!
Here are the rules: Each tagged person must write 10 things about themselves. You have to choose and tag 10 people, go to their blog and tell them you tagged them. No tag backs, carnal.

Wow! lol Um….

1. I’m 24

2. Chocolate + Peanut butter = Yummy!

3. One of my biggest dreams is to visit London.

4. I am terrified of snakes. 

5. I was deaf in one ear until I was 6.

6. Sprite is the only soda I will drink.

7. I sleep with a night light.

8. I have Dyscalculia.

9. Painting makes me happy. :)

10. Never saw the movie Avatar.